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Darke Engineering hosts its annual Health and Safety Conference

With the ever changing Health and Safety legislation, it is important that Darke Engineering and its employees are up to date with the current laws and regulations.

Darke Engineering hosted its annual health and safety conference on 2nd April 2024 to showcase the important measures the company takes to ensure compliance. 

One of the main changes in HSE guidance this year is focussed around mental health. In such a densely populated male industry, it is important that Darke Engineering recognises that 75% of mental health related deaths are males and is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 55. Mitch Leggett did a great job of presenting how crucial it is to understand and recognise mental health in the workplace. Mitch’s presentation was authentic and delivered very professionally, in the hope to encourage employees to be more open and speak freely about their mental health. 

Thank you to everyone who attended, there were some great discussion points and it was nice to see everyone socialising! 

Here is a reminder of some of the resources available for anyone struggling with their mental health: 

Andys Man Club: 
Mental Health UK: 
Mates In Mind: 

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