Replaced the existing HP/HP Pressure Reduction Station (AGI) at Farningham, near the village of Fawkham Green in Kent.

The installation included:

  • new HP outlet connection onto the 38 Bar system
  • twin stream skid mounted regulator module complete with housing, plus associated heat-exchanger skid
  • new package boiler houses
  • LDU & interconnecting pipework (including flow & return water pipes)
  • existing single metering stream replaced with a new twin stream skid positioned in parallel with the existing installation, with the old stream being removed once the new site is commissioned 
  • new control room to be installed, along with several smaller cabinets associated with the metering streams on site
  • all associated bases/ducting/footpaths/roadways & final site remediation.

The site operates at a maximum inlet pressure of 70 Bar, with an outlet pressure of 19 – 38 Bar feeding into the LTS system & is the major supply to the South London Networks. The site can only be shut down during periods of low demand, and as such the existing streams will need to be afforded protection while still being accessible and available to pass gas to maintain supplies during the winter

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Farningham PRS rebuild


Southern Gas Networks


Principal Contractor


Sep 2019 to Oct 2020


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