A recent Darke Engineering project was for Southern Gas Networks Key Street rebuild.

The project involved Darke’s engineers preparing and constructing base slabs for a new package boiler house and separate gas to boiler breakdown skid, installation of temporary ducting between the existing control room and the new boiler house for E&I, and installation of temporary flow & return pipework above ground around the site perimeter.

Darke assist in decommission

This was followed by SGN and a third party supplier commissioning the new gas to boiler breakdown rig, boiler house, and associated apparatus, to provide temporary pre-heat via the temporary flow and returns to the old streams. On completion of this stage, Darke assisted SGN to decommission, purge, isolate and remove the existing gas supply to boiler skid and associated inlet and outlet pipework, drain down the old boiler house and return water pipes for the old pre-heat system – with all retained fluid disposed of as special waste.

The old package boiler house was removed from site to an approved waste facility, followed by preparation and construction of the regulator skid base including all excavation, provision and compaction of base material and installation of concrete for slab as the design documents.

Further excavation and testing was then followed by the fabrication and installation of burst disc vent pipework as per detailed design drawings, completed with fabricating & installing regulator high level vent pipework.

Key Street rebuild for Southern Gas Networks
Key Street rebuild for Southern Gas Networks

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Key Street rebuild for Southern Gas Networks


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