Owing to the Lowestoft Inner Harbour north wall collapse in 2012, the integrity of the Cadent gas assets became high risk due to its proximity to the extreme wall damage.

The security of supply during the winter of 2012 was undertaken via installation of three HDPE 63NB (2”) pipes routed through an existing utility tunnel located to the east of the compromised existing crossing.

The tunnel owned and maintained by Anglian Water (AW) agreed for the installation and continued access for the temporary solution.

The project driver is to replace the current temporary solution (3 x PE 63NB pipes) with a single permanent 200NB (8”) Steel IP main within the AW tunnel as Cadent deem the temporary solution presents a residual fire risk that is not acceptable as there are several other utilities within the AW’s tunnel.

Scope of works

  • Lower shaft protection – north & south
  • Pipe guide provision during lifting operations of pipe into the tunnel
  • Concrete biscuit removal – north & south
  • Edge protection once the existing concrete biscuits removed
  • Weather protection over the access once biscuit removed – environmental shrink wrapped suggested

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